What is Winey Art? 

Let's Make Art!!!

You can't have more fun than interpreting nature while in the throws of making art. The rest of the world disappears. - Harley Brown 

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Winey Art combines art instruction and wine drinking.  We provide everything needed to create your own paining: the aprons, easels, paint, brushes and canvas.  A professional art instructor gives you and your guests a 2 or 3 hour step by step guided art instruction while you're enjoying a glass of wine or two!


Why Choose Winey Art?

* Winey Art is an artistic avenue for people looking for a memorable experience, they can hold on to for years to come and share with those who will appreciate a unique work of art.


* We understand the value of family and what it means to be in the presence of friends, having fun, breaking bread, and sharing laughter.  Here at Winey Art, it is our goal to ensure every artist enjoys a colorful evening with fine wine and happy times.


* We select the best venues, work with brilliant art instructors, and best of all, will bring a smile to any face.


* We pride ourselves on creating an inviting environment conducive for any occasion and type of audience.